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Conversion chart. 2.5 ml = 0.5 teaspoon. 5 ml = 1 teaspoon. 3.785 l = 1 gallon. Welcome to the newly reformulated Flora Series Feed Charts, your recipes to mixing success. The General Hydroponics R&D team just wrapped a multi-year project to refine these charts—making them more precise, more customized, and easier to use than ever GHE (General Hydroponics of Europe) is a company that has been selling high-end fertilizers and additives for over 25 years now.In fact, the General Hydroponics Flora Series chart is perfect for those looking to make the absolute most out of your plants when growing hydroponically.Despite their name, most of their products can be safely used in soil and coco, too GH Flora feed charts (coco grow) Thread starter IceJjFish69; Start date Aug 15, 2017; I. IceJjFish69 New Member. Aug 15, 2017 #1 G'day The flora series, nova series, or maxi series? If using flora series, google Head's formula and enjoy your results. Something to keep in mind about manufacturers is that they are in the business of selling.

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  1. My nutrient feed chart for the General Hydroponics Flora Series nutrients is provided. It is set for the standard EC targets, with no grow specific adjustments. Be sure to read our tutorial, EC/PPM Targets for Fertigating CannabisThe doses for the base nutrients (Flora Micro, Flora Gro, and Flora Bloom) are about half the dose that General Hydroponics recommends in their feed chart
  2. General Hydroponics Flora Series Feed Sheet Author: 1000Bulbs.com Subject: Shop for General Hydroponics Hydroponic Plant Nutrients at 1000Bulbs.com. Great Selection and Fast Shipping on all of your horticultural needs! Keywords: gh flora feed sheet; flora feed chart; feeding schedule; floranova grow; floranova bloom Created Date: 11/20/2006 1.
  3. Feeding Schedule for Coco Coir using General Hydroponics Europe flora trio 12-03-2017, 02:07 PM. Hi everybody i'm new here ,my first post. -SERIES-GB.pdf [/url] Feeding chart for European version of general Hydroponics Flora Tri
  4. Apr 7, 2013. #1. As the title says, if you are using the 3-part GH Flora series in Coco post what strength and when/how often you feed. Also if you are using additives please add those as well. Please post pictures of your results or current pics under the feeding schedule if you can! Im trying to compare what people are using and their results.

> Resource Center > General Hydroponics Flora Series Feeding Schedule Recognized for consistently delivering reliable results for all plants, growing methods, media and applications. Flora Series, the original 3-Part Building-Block Nutrient System, contains all Primary, Secondary and Micronutrients required for balanced plant nutrition Note: Don't let the name fool you, the Flora Trio is great for soil, coco coir, hydro, or almost any growing medium!. General Hydroponics is the name of a company that makes nutrients, potting mixes, and pH adjustment kits among many other things Where practical on consumable crops, feed on water only for a short while before harvest for better taste and healthier produce. Flora Micro is available in Hard Water (HW) and Soft Water (SW) formulations. If possible use a cF Truncheon and work to target readings on chart. The readings are based on using water with a cF of 0 Feed Charts. Canna Feed Charts. Canna Aqua Feed Schedule and More; Canna CoCo Feed Schedule and More; Canna Substra Feed Schedule and More; Canna Terra Feed Schedule and More; Canna PK13-14 Feed Schedule and More; Flora Series Feedchart For Run to Waste; General Organics Feedchart; Grow Room Layouts; Tea Mix Recipes

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  1. General Hydroponics Flora Series - Expert Recirculating - Feed Chart. Published 18th December 2015 at 800 × 433 in Nutrients Feeding Charts. Trackbacks are closed, but you can post a comment
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  3. Jesse explains how to mix Flora Series the right way in Greenhouse 1.For soil formulas, visit the following link:http://generalhydroponics.com/site/gh/docs/f..
  4. Which comes ˜rst, Armor Si or CALiMAGic? • When using both Armor Si and CALiMAGic, add Armor Si to the reservoir ˜rst. • When using Armor Si and/or CALiMAGic, with Flora Series, these products should be added prior to adding FloraMicro
  5. This is my first grow with the gh flora series and I've been having trouble finding a good feed chart to reference. I'm using fox farm coco choir w/perlite, (micro,gro,bloom) along with rapid start in 5 gal fabric pots with tap water and ph testing to 6.0 after mixing nutes in correct order
  6. Any advice on the GH Flora series would be much appreciated. Running 3 plants in a 2x4 mars hydro tent. 360w Lenofocus LED's. TLDR; Need feed chart for GH Flora Series with autoflowers in Coco/Perlite 70/30
  7. I'm going to bookmark this page because I am considering switching from peat to coco and I use GH flora series. I have no effin clue what I'm doing. I just been following the simple drain to waste chart provided from the website. I've always wondered if it's optimal and how it should be adjusted according to differing flowering times

Use this Canna Coco feed schedule and grow guide to grow killer marijuana in coco coir. Our Canna Coco feeding chart will show the optimal level of nutrients (A&B, Cannazyme, Rhizotonic, Boost, and PK 13/14). Easy to follow instructions to produce great weed plants for novice growers and experts alike Plant feeding schedules. Remo Feed Chart. A Balance of Essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Extracts that your plants need to Thrive. General Hydroponics . Feedchart for General Hydroponics nutrient Flora Series, Recirculating & Drain-to-Waste. Future Harvest. Innovative Growing Solutions for Todays Indoor Growers. Soil, Coco & Hydroponics Flora Nutrient Suggested Application Rates These are starting points your actual usage depends on your particular circumstances. In general to enhance vegetative growth, use more FloraGro and less FloraBloom Flora Series Drain to Waste (Expert & Simple) Flora Series Recirculating (Expert & Simple) General Organics (Soil & Soilless) Maxi Series (Recirculating & Drain to Waste) SubCulture (Hydroponic, Soil & Root Drench

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GH_FloraSeries-DTW_03216am.pdfI called AutoPot and spoke to someone that gave me the following information in regard to the AutoPot and using Chemical Nutrients- specifically, the GH Flora Series.. Things to Remember when following the attached feeding schedule: 1. Start by using only 50% of the recommended parts per gallon in the schedule Owner - Useless So OK - feeding schedule week by week. This is the GH weekly feeding program, slightly tweaked. I will only call out the volume of each part per gallon of water in the following manner: grow, micro, bloom, ppm range. Example - 5-2.5-2.5-400/800 would mean 5 ml grow 2.5 ml micro, 2. Flowering (week 8 - 10) Around week 8 (approx. 2 weeks before harvest) your plant will need that final push to fatten up the buds properly so at this stage you should feed your plant with the following ratio: 4-4-4 All-purpose fertilizer - 30%. 2-8-4 Bloom fertilizer - 70%

General Hydroponics Flora Series Nutrient Trio. This system is a great start for both beginners and advanced growers. You can also use this in coco coir and soil as well. The awesome part is: they sell a performance pack which has a pH balance test kit along with all that you need to start growing. This all-in-one system is highly suggested I have general hydroponics flora series nutrients and want to know when and how much to put in each gallon of water. I know full strength is too much and people say half or 1/4 the Lucas but if someone could write me a feeding chart for GH nutes in soil, it would be appreciated

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FLORA MIXING CHARTFor Hydroponic Nutrient Solution. Flora Mixing Chart. SOLUTION FOR SEEDLINGS- IN STARTER NURSERY. Mix in one gallon of water: 1/4 tsp. Flora Micro. 1/4 tsp. Flora Grow. 1/4 tsp. Flora Bloom. SOLUTION MIXES. FOR RESERVOIR 600W HPS. Coco. GH Flora Series trio + Armor Si, CALiMAGic, RapidStart, Liquid KoolBloom, Floralicious Plus, FloraKleen, Diamond Nectar, FloraBlend, FloraNectar (Pineapple Rush version), Dry Koolbloom + Great White mycorrhizae & Terpinator. Grows using this setup: 1. Largest yield from this setup: 20oz / 567g General Hydroponics Flora Series Feed Chart. Whether you are a new grower or a seasoned vet, the Flora series has everything you need. Moreover, the feeding schedule can be somewhat overwhelming. In fact, the 'expert program' identified on the feeding chart requires the use of 13 fertilizers Designed to excel in coco, hydroponics and soil The Performance Pack contains an assortment of Flora nutrients and a pH Test Indicator Flora series is the foundation of the Building-Block System Provides Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium and trace elements › See more product detail Coco coir has a very low EC, essentially no charge at all. This means you are in complete control of what your plants get fed - a huge responsibility. Most potting soils contain low levels of nutrition to nourish your plants during the first few weeks of growing. However in coco, you need to start feeding right away

Flora Series ® Simple Recirculating • Nutrient solution runoff drains to reservoir and is reused. • Typically, soil gardens are NOT recirculating. Monitor plants for signs of stress when feeding aggressive formulas † For specific growth stages, Floralicious Grow or Bloom may be used in place of Floralicious Plu I grow coco and I just follow the feeding schedule on the back of the GH flora series bottles. One thing you will want to know is whether your coco is inert or not. If it is you'll need to make sure you use calmag, if it's not research if it's treated for calmag Flora Series ® Expert Drain To Waste • Can be soil, soilless, coco or hydroponic. • Nutrients are not reused. Drain to Waste Nutrient Solution Tips • For best results add FloraMicro to fresh water first. • When growing plants in coco media or with reverse osmosis water use 5ml of CALiMAGic per gallon during the first two weeks Optimum nutrient absorption is aided by natural humic extracts for increased quality and superb yields. FloraNova is a one part formula that is pH stabilized and outstanding for all plant types. • Designed to work in Coco, Hydroponics, Soilless and Soil. • Use Liquid KoolBloom and Floralicious Plus with FloraNova for increased flower.

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General Hydroponics 3-part (Flora Series) nutrients are an excellent choice for DWC. They provide the Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium your plants need to grow. Different ratios are used throughout the growth cycle as the plants move from a nitrogen hungry vegetative phase to Phosphorous and Potassium heavy flowering stage. Organic fertilizers should not be used in DWC as they can introduce. Nutrient lockout is when nutrient elements like magnesium, zinc, iron, and even potassium are present in the root zone, but your plant can't absorb them. It can happen in all growing mediums, but it's more likely to occur in soil, coco coir, or rockwool Alright so I'm at day 31 of growing my 2 feminized blue berry kush autoflowers in coconut coir. I'm using CalMag and general hydroponics flora series for nutes. If yoi want to know more check oit my grow diary or w.e on here. Anyway I have a couple questions. I've been watering every single.. General Hydroponics. AmorSI Preminum Silca 0-0-4. Flora Nova MIXER. Flora Series. FloraNectar BananaBliss. FloraNectar FruitnFusion. G.H. Premium Coco Nutrient is a powerful, high quality base nutrient/Grow A&B /Bloom A&B. General Hydroponics® Spigot For 6 Gallon Containers. Ripen® 0.5-7-6

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  1. General Hydroponics Nutrients (GH) for marijuana growing are the best in my opinion. The General Hydro Flora Series, flora bloom, flora micro and flora grow are what I have used for many years to grow the healthiest, heaviest and overall tastiest harvests of marijuana buds, time after time. GH flora series hydroponic nutrients can be purchased here through our site, or you can get them from.
  2. There are 3 very popular opinions on the proper use of your nutrients: 1. Use the ratio of the 3 parts as they are listed on your site: Vegging: G3-M2-B1 and Flowering: G1-M2-B3, where G=Grow, M=Micro and B=Bloom parts of the series. 2. Use all three in equal parts: G1-M1-B1 for both Vegging and Flowering. 3
  3. Points. 0. Aug 21, 2016. #3. I barely use grow big, maybe once 1/4 strength at week 3 or 4, I start big bloom at week 2 every other feed 2tbsp per gallon. Be very careful with the tiger bloom, recommend starting at 1/8 strength, as it will burn easily on these autos, I use tiger bloom about 2 weeks after it starts flowering, and every other.
  4. The quantity you should feed is different for the different types of systems so you can take a look at Flora Series Feed Charts. Drain-to-waste Mediums; There's a chart being provided by General Hydroponics Flora Series in order to avoid any problems. This chart works best for mediums like Coco coir, perlite, etc. Recirculating System
  5. You can feed these to your soil, coco, or hydroponically grow plants - indoors or outdoors, they're as versatile as it gets. Following The General Hydroponics Feeding Schedule & Chart. The General Hydroponics feeding schedules are also really easy to follow, making it easy to get started. You'll know what to feed every step of the way

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  2. Maxi Series Feeding Chart.pdf (6.23 MB) Details. The General Hydroponics Flora Series Performance Pack is the ultimate all-in-one nutrient kit. You will see outstanding results whether you grow in hydroponics, coco, or soil. RapidStart and FloraBlend stimulate root development. The base FloraSeries nutrients (FloraGro, FloraMicro, FloraBloom.
  3. Using the Lucas Formula and General Hydroponics FloraNova series. It is the easiest method to use but not as cheap as the Maxibloom. If your using FloraNova Bloom 1 part system then mix in 8ml's of FloraNova to your 3.78 litres (1 gallon) of water and your ready to feed. The Lucas Formula with Coco Coir as your medium - Head's Formul
  4. 2ml/gal Flora Micro. 3ml/gal Flora Bloom. 1ml/gal Flora Grow. Last 4-5 weeks of flower, add 2ml/gal KoolBloom. After adding your nutrients, and mixing up the bucket, the PPM should look similar to this: Perfect! Then, you can add more water to lower the PPM, or add more of the base nutrients to raise the PPM
  5. Hi all. I've gotten so many requests to do a video on how I mix hydroponic nutrients for my plants. In this video, I will show you the mix I personally use..

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General Hydroponics GH1352 Diamond Nectar 0-1-1 Premium Grade Humic Acid for Soil, Soilless Mixes, Coco & Hydroponics, 1 Quart, Orange 4.8 out of 5 stars 931 $17.92 $ 17 . 92 ($0.56/Fl Oz They have a useful feeding schedule chart here. Canna Coco. Buy on Amazon. We know a lot of growers love growing in Coco. If that's you, the best hydroponic nutrients are from Canna Coco. Their Coco system has 2 parts for the vegetative and flowering stages and is specifically designed to work with coco mediums The bottom line is that ascorbic acid, citric acid, all 20 L-form amino acids, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium are found in the correct ratios in the easy to use liquid bud potentiator created by our scientists. It's called Big Bud®. Here's what you're guaranteed to see when you use Big Bud: More Flowers. Bigger Flowers

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The Flora series, along with other simple salt 3 part nutrients on the market, represent some of the earliest liquid fertilizers available to growers. Many growers have time-tested recipes using these types of nutrients. Jungle Juice Grow, Micro, Bloom utilizes the same ratios and ingredients. However, we use safer, higher quality inputs. Step 1: Design your box to fit your grow space. Pick a size. For flower only rooms we recommend a square box (3×3′ or 4'x4′). If you will be including a veg room a rectangular box works better (3×4′ or 4×5′). This method of growing will require a minimum height of 5′, the doctor recommends 6-7′ height if possible GH Flora Nectar Sugar Cane 2.5 Gallon 0-0-1 Our Price: $143.69 GH Flora Nectar Sugar Cane 6 Gallon 0-0- Organic Nutrients. Our line of 100% organic liquid fertilizers and supplements has been carefully developed for commercial cultivation. These legally certified products can be used together or as stand-alone products. 100% organic farming is easier and more reliable than ever before

The Fox Farm Liquid Nutrient Soil Formula. is a three-part system designed to help hydroponics growers create better yields while keeping the application process as simple as possible.. The system is composed of three products: Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. Each one is technically full of plant nutrients, but they are designed for different phases of growth of your plants The 3 principal reasons to run Drain to Waste are as follows: Less chance of Getting Root Rot. Most common Root Rot issues spawn from pathogens that produce spores as a way of spreading their colonies and infecting further plants. The disease starts in one (usually the weakest) plant in the garden, and uses this plant as a factory to. DNA Mills Ultimate Soil with Cork Feed Chart. DUTCHPRO. DutchPro - Feed Chart - Hydro-Coco DutchPro - Feed Chart - Soil. GHE. GHE Flora Series Recirculating Charts - Simple and Expert. GREEN PLANET. Green Planet Feeding Program. GROWTH TECHNOLOGY. IONIC Instructions. IONIC Mini Schedule. Green Haze Instructions. HESI. Hesi Coco Grow. Bloom Hydro or Coco & Soil 010 25 Ripe 025 20 15 Optional Botanicare Supplements *when growing plants with reverse osmosis water or in coco media use a minimum of 5 ml of Cal-Mag Plus during the first 2 weeks. For best results, foliar feed plants weekly with 7 ml/gallon of Pure Blend Pro Grow or Bloom or with Liquid Karma at 10-15 ml/gallo A good practice is to charge the media before transplant with a higher dosage—week four Grow or Bloom is usually a good target. Experienced growers often find plants can take higher dosages in coco (up to 3.0 EC), depending on irrigation frequency

General Hydroponics Flora Series (Coco Coir and Hydroponics) Canna Coco A & B (Coco Coir) As Well As Marijuana Nutrients, You Will Also Need Aside from marijuana grow nutrients, you will also need measuring tools, particularly measuring cups or spoons and 10-ml syringes. You will also need a TDS meter, EC meter and a pH meter For that reason you cannot be too dependent on PPM to judge garden health. For most plants, in most gardens, our feeding charts during Grow Weeks One through Four will range from about 400-500 PPM in Week One to about 600-800 PPM during Week Four. During the Bloom Weeks our programs will range from about 700-900 PPM in Week One to a range of. Cultivation Nation® 3-Part 55-250GAL Soil & Hydro Feeding Schedule for Canada. Updated on September 17, 2019 @ 5:54 pm Which, with the retention of Coco is a crap ton. They give you a complete guide on how to use the stuff. And you can find the Canna Coco feeding schedule here. To give your plants that little extra boost you might still want to add some Cal-Mag to your Coco. The biggest flaw though is the bottle design

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Use our hydroponic plant feeding schedule designed to maximize peak performance and yield in your plants. Because our Base Nutrients are created with premium powder nutrients that are designed specifically for hydroponic medicinal plants, we have taken the guess work out of the perfect mix for you Designed for use in nearly every medium, including soil, soilless, and hydroponics, our products provide all the macro and micronutrients your plants need at every stage of growth. Growers from Canada, the US, Spain, and around the world, have been using Technaflora products to produce the finest crops of cannabis for over 20 years PPM Levels for Cannabis Plants. PPM (Parts per Million) levels is the measure of nutrients in the water used to feed your cannabis plants. There are minerals in the tap water you will use to water your plants and you will be adding some fertilizer solutions to the water which also can be measured in parts per million

His feeding schedule quickly spread throughout internet communities as an easy and hassle-free way to feed your plants. This formula takes General Hydroponics' 3 part Flora series nutrients and simplifies it into only 2 parts. The standard Flora series includes Flora Gro, Flora Micro, and Flora Bloom Want to push plant growth? Then micro-manage your feed there's only one nutrient for it - GHE Flora Nutrients.. You get 3 parts to your feed (FloraGro + FloraBloom + FloraMicro) - use them at different ratios for different plants, during different stages of growth (mixing rates provided).. You can tweak, fine-tune and perfect your formula to give plants the right nutrients, at the.

Nutrient PPM Calculator & NPK ratios. Detailed dosage breakdown by element into PPM and NPK ratio for Hortimix / EHG / General Hydroponics Flora Series. Download this spreadsheet to easily obtain a detailed break-down of what you are feeding your plants when using the Hortimix or EHG ranges of nutrients. All you have to do is to add the amounts. Hydroponics insiders, including former employees of General Hydroponics, know that GH's hydroponics ingredients, ratios, and manufacturing processes produce generic hydroponics fertilizers that have no specificity to marijuana, and GH is proud to tell you so. In fact, General Hydroponics avoids any event openly meant for marijuana growers Flora Series is a favorite among millions of growers, gardeners, scientists and researchers worldwide. See why for yourself. For hard water with a ppm value above 250 we recommend FloraMicro Hardwater. GHE Flora Series feeeding charts are available here: GHE Flora Series Feeding Charts

General Hydroponics Flora Series Nutrient Trio. This works not only in hydroponics systems but also in coco coir or soil media. You can get everything you need in this package, include a pH testing kit along with the fertilizer itself. This is extremely important when feeding your plants, especially when you're growing hydroponically Add a nutrient concentrate of choice. If you are using GH Flora Series (recommended), add 10 tsp. each of the Flora Grow, Flora Micro & Flora Bloom, (one at a time, in that order). Adjust the pH of the solution with a test kit. 26. Plug the water pump into the timer and set it to feed 3 times a day, for only 15 minutes each feed cycle

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  1. At the vegetative stage, cannabis needs a lot of Nitrogen (N) and a decent amount of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). The best fertilizer for autoflowering plants at this growth stage is the one that has an N-P-K ratio of 10-5-5 or 20-10-10. No matter what the percentage is, just make sure that Nitrogen (N) is available more than those other.
  2. I grew with the Flora Series many times over the years. When I do grow to consult for medical growers this is the most common brand that I see used. This system is a great simple to use a marijuana fertilizer that makes it very simple to feed your plants a powerful but balanced nutrient mix
  3. This top selling trio is designed to be used in hydroponic, soil and coco coir grows. Nutrients come pH balanced, are easy to use, and make a great choice for both newbies and experienced growers. The Flora Series uses a building block approach, with each bottle containing the primary, secondary and micronutrients that plants need to flourish

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Most feed charts provide a ratio of nutrients per gallon of solution. Let's say week one calls for 2.5mL of a nutrient—you would simply add 2.5mL of that nutrient per gallon into your solution. General Hydroponics Flora Series Performance Pack features a blend foundation nutrients required to boost plant growth. The flora series is not only designed to give great results in hydroponics farming, it is meant to boost production in coco as well as soil farming. It contains a blend of nutrient-rich materials with a pH test indicator to boot In our first and second articles on maximizing hydroponics marijuana deep water culture growing, we got expert advice on nutrients, pH, oxygenation, water temperature and other important facets of DWC growing.. Marijuana growing expert Michael Straumietis, founder of hydroponics nutrients company Advanced Nutrients, is again sharing unique, professional techniques so you get faster growth. Last note your lights are feeding your plant not fertilizer. If all you do is grow in a good well balanced soil and water with water at a pH of 6.5 you will produce a decent sweet tasting crop. Repl

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For Water Based Systems: A tried and tested success in water based systems has to be the General Hydroponics Flora Series Nutrient Trio For growing in Coco Coir : When growing in coco coir, problems with calcium and magnesium deficiencies are common, so it's worth supplementing your nutrients with additional Ca and Mg Formulating premium nutrients and supplements for serious growers since 1998. Learning to grow plants is a journey that builds on learning, experience, and experimenting. The team at Grotek is committed to giving you the dynamic resources you need to succeed. VIEW LEARNING. Our Products are diverse. From base nutrients to additives The CANNA Grow Guide provides you with a personalised grow schedule. The schedule is based on your type of water, the product line you use and much more. The personalised Grow Guide offers you a schedule which is based on your own grow situation Functions of magnesium in cannabis plants. Magnesium as mineral. Magnesium is a very necessary secondary nutrient in all the stages of the plants life, and it's needed in large quantities. It's the central atom of chlorophyll and has a direct impact on the absorption of solar energy to be subsequently processed and used by the plant in the creation of sugars and carbohydrates The 'eternal' root rot that you've got has been a big problem for a lot of people. But, there is a 100% cure, and..

Tripart® (flora series®), the original 3-part advanced

CANNA AQUA is a user-friendly range of products for recirculating systems, like NFT or ebb and flow on inert mediums such as clay pebbles. With these systems the drainage water doesn't flow away but is reused. CANNA AQUA nutrients are made in such a way that the plants regulate the pH themselves. Keeping the pH in the nutrient reservoir within. Here you can find all the information about growing. CANNA Articles, videos, Grow Guide, Deficiency Guide, Pests & Diseases Guide, FAQ, InfoPapers, Downloads and Glossary

FloraNova feeding Chart - Nickel City Wholesale Garden SupplyReally Nooby Question About Nutrient Feeding Schedule (GhGeneral Hydroponics Ripen - BestGrowTableaux de dosage GHE FloraDuo - Blog Cactus Martorell FRGeneral Hydroponics MaxiBloom 1kg - Grow King HydroponicsGHE Floranova Grow0 no Mepps Aglia Decores Beyaz Zemin Kırmı Noktalı, 0 no

Plant Nutrients/fertilizers and amendments for all stages of hydroponic plant growth. For fragrant flowers, fruits & vegetables. Grow Guru stock nutrients for soil / organic growers. We are offering the latest nutrients designed to provide growing success. Express delivery in South Africa The practical guide. If you have even rudimentary knowledge about marijuana, you will have heard of the Northern Lights strain.This classic indica strain is a cross between an Afghani Indica and a Thai Sativa.It is considered the 'gold standard' of indicas but was bred and crossed since the first day it arrived in the Netherlands There are a lot of factors involved in having your own indoor garden. You could be doing everything right — from grow lights to feeding cycles to temperature control — but you might still notice your yields suffering.. That could be because your plants pH and PPM levels aren't where they should be. This makes it difficult for your plants to eat, which in turn causes underdeveloped growth For example general hydroponics flora series, or lucas three part grow solution. If I feed now you say it will take about a week I really hope so. im using ffof soil moxed woth roots organic coco and ewc and roots organic uprising grow they are on week 4 and starting of flower when i noticed the deficiancyw which was about 4 days ago so. 460539. FloraFlex Pot Pro 3 Gallon Bucket. MSRP $8.95. 460173. FloraFlex Pot Pro 5 Gallon Bucket. MSRP $10.95. 460175. FloraFlex PotPro. View all sizes

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