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1. 3.58-Gallon Red Crape Myrtle Flowering Tree in Pot (L6644) Model #097781506005. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 23. 27.17-Gallon Multicolor Crape Myrtle Flowering Tree in Pot (L6644) Model #NURSERY. Find My Store $20 - $30. $30 - $40. $40 - $50. $50 - $100. BLACK DIAMOND 2.25 Gal. Pure White Crape Myrtle Tree with Bright White Flowers (17) Model# 10880. 3 Gal. Purple Magic Crape Myrtle Tree with Dark Purple Blooms (51) Model# 14850. FIRST EDITIONS 3 Gal. Ruffled Red Magic Crape Myrtle Tre 23. 45.28-Gallon Multicolor Crape Myrtle Flowering Tree in Pot (L6644) Model #LAGINM9945. Find My Store. for pricing and availability. 6. Southern Living. 3-Gallon Pink Delta Jazz Crape Myrtle Flowering Tree in Pot (L23457) Model #NURSERY The tree farm includes over 100 acres of the highest quality palms, crape myrtles, oaks, japanese blueberries, ligustrums and more (see our inventory). Our plant container operations concentrates on 30-65 gallon material. Our palm operations consist of 25 acres of in ground phoenix sylvester palms Growing Crape Myrtles Exclusively Since 1977  Our nursery has been growing crape myrtles for over 40 years We are the original inventors of the US Patented Miniature Crape Myrtles! We have over 55 varieties available of miniature, dwarf, medium and standard (tree) crape myrtles. Crape Myrtles are great for landscaping, ground cover, hanging baskets, bonsai, shrubs, privacy hedges and.

The cold hardy Crape Myrtle prefers full sun, though it tolerates partial shade just fine. A longtime favorite plant for use in many landscape styles, Crape Myrtle grows at a slow to moderate rate up to 15-feet high, spreading up to 8 to 12 feet. Moon Valley Nurseries offers mature trees that have been nurtured by our nursery professionals Basham Party Pink Crape Myrtle Trees - $6 each - Grown in quart Containers 6-12″ tall - Shipped in packs of 4, 6, 9, 12, and 16 $ 24.00 - $ 96.00 Lavender Muskogee Crape Myrtle Trees - $6 each - Grown in quart Containers 6-12″ tall - Shipped in packs of 4, 6, 9, 12, and 1 What Kind of Fertilizer for Crape Myrtle Trees? Several fertilizers work well with Crape Myrtles, such as 8-8-8, 10-10-10, or 16-4-8. Be careful not to over-fertilize trees as it can cause overgrowth and a lower rate of blooms. Enjoy the Diverse Beauty of the Crape Myrtle Tree. The Crape Myrtle is a unique species with plenty of attractive options

1 Gal. Tuscarora Dark Pink Crape Myrtle Tree The Tuscarora is a tall crape myrtle with The Tuscarora is a tall crape myrtle with a broad crown and superior dark pink flowers. A long period of striking flower color, attractive fall foliage, fabulous, exfoliating bark and good drought-tolerance all combine to make this crape myrtle a favorite small tree for either formal or informal landscapes 30 Gal: Lagerstroemia 'Natchez' Crape Myrtle: 30 Gal: Liquidambar Styraciflua: Sweetgum: 25 Gal: Liriodendron tulipifera: Tulip Poplar: 25 Gal: Platanus occidentalis: American Sycamore: 25 Gal: Platanus x acerfolia: Exclamation' London Planetree: 25 Gal: Prunus x snofozam: Snow Fountain' Cherry: 25 Gal: Prunus x yedoensi Crape Myrtle Tuscarora 15 Gallon. SKU 400000031316. $179.99. In stock. Quantity: 1. Add to Bag. Product Details. Height can get up to 25 ft and the spread is 20 ft. This attractive ornamental shrub or small tree is covered in striking coral-pink blooms in summer, followed by red-orange fall foliage; a captivating focal point for the garden or. Wax Myrtle 30-Gallon. Vitex 30-Gallon. Spartan Juniper 30-Gallon. Shumard Red Oak 30-Gallon. Redbud 30-Gallon. Nelly R Holly 30-Gallon. Natchez Crape Myrtle 30-Gallon. Muskogee Crape Myrtle 30-Gallon. Live Oak 30-Gallon. Little Gem Magnolia 30-Gallon. Lacebark Elm 30-Gallon. Fantex Ash 30-Gallon. Eagleston Holly 30-Gallon. Chinese Pistache 30.

Crape Myrtles do require water to present their stunning blooms. If water in the region is scarce, either for short or extensive periods of time, provide irrigation services to the plant. Water the trees once per week if rainfall is less than an inch. The mature height of the Red Rocket Crepe Myrtle is between 20 and 30 feet tall Medium Pink 'Sioux' 10′ - 12′ crape myrtle. 'Sioux' is a mid sized tree with abundant medium pink blooms beginning mid summer. offers a landscape color when little else is in bloom. 'Sioux' looks lovely when planted in front of taller, white flowered crape myrtles. Plant in groups or as a singular focal point The Natchez Crape Myrtle has a tall and arching growing habit with small alternate leaves that are rounded at the base and are 2 to 3 long. The Natchez Crape Myrtle has leaves that are glossy dark green in the summer and in the fall they turn a vibrant orange-red. Each summer the Natchez Crape Myrtle exfoliates its dark cinnamon-brown. Crape Myrtle is one of the prettiest summer blooming trees available. Their manageable size, various colors and growth habits make them a perfect fit for any landscape requirement. Below is a list of key features about this tree: Tree Details. Foliage. Deciduous. Mature Height. 6-25 feet depending on variety. Mature Width

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The Hopi Crape Myrtle is one of a group of Crape Myrtles developed in the 1960s at the National Arboretum, Washington, D.C., with the goal of overcoming this problem. The plant breeders there took other species of Crape Myrtle, especially the Japanese Crape Myrtle ( Lagerstroemia fauriei ) and produced many hybrid seedlings Mature size: 8-12' tall and 4-6' wide. Purple Magic™ Crape Myrtle. A shrub crape myrtle, blooming in early summer with a profusion of dark purple flowers. New growth has a reddish cast and matures to a rich green color. Mature size: 6-10' tall x 6-10' wide. Tuscarora Crape Myrtle

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Catawba Crape Myrtle Tree. 68 reviews. Flowering Trees. * Images shown are of mature plants. Size. Regular price. $39.95. Call 866-982-0431 for Availability and Pricing. Sale price 110 Days of Vibrant Blooms Why Natchez Crape Myrtle Trees? Imagine an incredible 110 days of flower power! The Natchez will delight you with hundreds of delicate white flowers from June to September. Especially since it's a fast grower that delights all summer long. The Natchez Crape grows rapidly at 3 to 5 feet a year and is tolerant of many climates. Through the toughest conditions and. The Tuscarora Crape Myrtle is a hybrid between the Japanese Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia faurei) and the common Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica), which was developed by the US National Arboretum in 1978. The Tuscarora Crape Myrtle produces long lasting clusters of dark pink flowers. Each cluster within the Tuscarora Crape Myrtle has hundreds. The Muscogee Crape Myrtle is a very popular cultivar that grows in Zone 6-11 and won the National Arboretum Award for extended flowering characteristics. Delivery Time: Deciduous Flowering Trees & Shade Trees are shipped dormant usually December thru April, weather dependent, arriving 7-10 to business days from when the order was placed, while. Crape Myrtle 30Gal. 30 Gallon Call for pricing . Royal Poincienna 30Gal. 30 Gallon Call for pricing. Sea Grape 30Gal. 30 Gallon Call for pricing 30Gal. Holly - All Varieties 30Gal. 30 Gallon Call for pricing. Maple 30Gal. 30 Gallon Call for pricing. Cedar 30Gal. 30 Gallon Call for pricing. Where quality and value mean something • All high.

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  1. Bracken Brown Beauty Magnolia 30 Gallon. Bur Oak Bur Oak 45 Gallon. Chinese Pistachio Chinese Pistachio Large : Cleveland Select Pear Cleveland Select Pear 30 Gallon. Crape Myrtle Centennial Tree (1) Crape Myrtle Dynamite 30 Gallon. Crape Myrtle Centennial Tree (2) Bloom : 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
  2. CRAPE MYRTLE 2-5 FEET. These Crape Myrtle reach a size of between 2-5 feet at maturity. Fits well in any landscape niche. This bright red variety grows 2-3', is a heavy bloomer, fast grower, and suited to border plantings or larger containers and baskets. PURE White 24 Pure white variety which is unusual in crepe myrtles
  3. These Crape Myrtle reach a full size of between 8-12 feet at maturity. They are considered, at this size, a small landscape tree. Plant them out from any wall or structure for best results. Pink Velour. This unique shrub / tree will definitely attract attention as the centerpiece of your property, with its tons of vibrant pink blooms
  4. The best time to dig crapemyrtles is when they begin to grow in the spring. They dig exceptionally well in leaf. Crapemyrtles cannot be dug reliably in dormancy. Natchez & Miami are among the most risky. In winter, we suggest using either container crapemyrtles or B & B trees that were dug in summer, hardened off, and stored in mulch
  5. X. Family Owned and Operated Since 1999. Katy, Texas (281) 391-1835. View our Inventory. Consulting. Shawn is a certified Arborist, and will be happy to answer any questions concerning your trees and other landscape issues. CONTACT US >. Landscaping

1- 95 Gallon Crape Myrtle; 1- 95 Gallon (any type) 2- 45 Gallon (any type) 2- 30 Gallon Crape Myrtle; Planting included! Total $1,899.99! (save $500 today!) Delivery charge per trip $1.90 a mile! Competitively priced, top quality trees. Liven up your landscape now. Order trees today. PermaVista Trees Large clusters of soft-textured fuchsia-red blooms on a semi-dwarf, multi-stemmed shrub. Foliage turns a luscious orange-red in fall for exquisite cool season color. Smooth, colorful peeling bark adds year-round interest. Resists mildew, and is heat and drought tolerant. Ideal as a landscape accent or container specimen. Deciduous 30 gallon Japanese Blueberry Shrubs. Approx 6.5-7' tall & 3' wide. Several of these in a row would block out your obnoxious neighbors! $290 each _____ _____ 30 gallon Muskogee Crepe Myrtles (purple/lavender blooms) Will get to 25' tall and wide. Fast growing and cold tolerant 10' tall, with triple and quad trunks: _____ _____ 30 gallon Lacey.

Our Mission: Growing the highest quality products for the best price. Phone: 254-472-9877 Fax: 254-472-9876 Sales Manager Patrick: 903-388-2328 Hours: 9- We are a family business specializing in native Oaks (Live Oaks, Burr Oaks, Mexican White Oaks, Chinkapin & Red Oaks), Mountain Laurels, and Crepe Mrytles. We are adding other native specimens such as Cedar Elms, Desert Willows , Texas Hibiscus and Mexican Buckeyes. We offer 1 gallon, 3-5 gallon, 15 gallon, and 30 gallon sizes in the oaks and. 1 gal. 2 gal. 3 gal. 3.00 5 gal. 6 gal. 7 gal. 7-8 ft. 8 pot 8' trunk 10 gal. 10' 10 pot 15 gal. 15 pot 18 pot 20 gal. 21 pot 24 box 24 low box 24 pot 30 gal. 36 box 45 gal. 48 box 65 gal. 100 gal. 200 gal. Print Inventory Our Texas Tree Farm. Come out to Mexia, Texas to visit our field grown Texas Tree Farm, less than an hour east of Waco with a convenient Central Texas location for customers in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Take a tour of our 150+ acre site to tag your 5-10 year old in ground trees. As well as our field grown trees for sale, we also. Black Diamond. Black Diamonds are a revolutionary new series of crape myrtles that provide unique beauty to your landscape and instant yard envy for your neighbors. Flawless black foliage emerges in early spring followed by masses of brilliant jewel-toned blooms that last until the first frost. READ MORE

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30-Gallon Staked, Tree, 6ft HT, 1.5 in Cal Common Name: Crape Myrtle 'Muskogee' Pink/Lavender flower Standard Staked Tree. 15G / 17 Ready Now. Scientific Name: Lagerstroemia fauriei Natchez. Common Name: Crape Myrtle 'Natchez' White flower - Multi Staked Tree Deep Red Flowers - Dynamite Crape Myrtle is a spectacular plant with gorgeous pinkish-red flowers produced all summer long and right to the last frost. It will quickly grow up to 20 feet tall and 18 feet across, to form a beautiful screen or specimen in your garden. It loves full sun, is drought-resistant, will thrive in most soils and needs little or no pruning Botanical Pronunciation. la-ger-STRE-mee-a IN-dih-kuh. Lore. It has been noted that prolonged periods of overcast weather can cause red-flowered crape myrtle flowers to fade to white. Average Size at Maturity. Moderate growing; reaches 15 to 20 ft. tall, 10 to 15 ft. wide. Bloom Time

Crape Myrtles have bark that peels to reveal unique coloring for great winter interest. * Images shown are of mature plants. Catawba Crape Myrtle Tree Lagerstroemia indica 'Catawba'. 4.8 star rating 66 Reviews. Size. Regular price. $39.99. Call 877-345-0146 for Availability and Pricing. Sale price Cherry red flowers with hot, sunny conditions. Like Dynamite®, also loses red intensity and may fleck white when cool and cloudy. New growth is crimson, then dark green. Upright form to 15 feet. Fastest growing 'Whit' red. High mildew and anthractnose resistance. Huge flower clusters up to 24 tall. May repeat bloom more than Dynamite®

Crape Myrtles have long been naturalized in the United States. Today, they are widely grown throughout much of the United States in growing Zones 6 - 10 across the warmer areas of North America. Crape Myrtles have been beloved by homeowners for a long time as either shrubs or small trees Crape Myrtle . Home Hardy in Phoenix, this deciduous upright tree or shrub grows 3 - 30 ft. depending on the variety. Single and multi trunk varieties of red, white, pink, and purple bloom all summer. Plant Information. Plant Type: Large Shrub, Small Tree. Origin: Asia, India 1 3. It's a 30 gallon Natchez crepe myrtle. Yes I know I'm probably an idiot for planting the tree here, but this is the only spot I wanted the tree to go and I'll deal with it if it causes problems I guess unfortunately. The people at the gas company and the tree nursery seem to be confident that the roots would not penetrate the gas and.

Large Near East Crape Myrtle, 2-4ft Tall When Shipped, Matures 8-10ft, 1 Tree, Delicate Light Pink Flowers, (Shipped Well Rooted in Pots with Soil) 4.0 out of 5 stars 18 $59.99 $ 59 . 9 When the branches of the Natchez Crape Myrtle Tree are pruned they can bloom in all directions of new growth, creating massive double-blooms.Natchez Crape Myrtle Trees make great street trees since they respond well to pruning.The Natchez Crape Myrtle Tree is one of the tallest crape myrtles - growing over 30 ft 1 Gallon 5 Gallon 15 Gallon; Cassia Artemisiodes: 5.75: 17.50 Cassia Outback 17.50 Golden Medallion 30.00: 47.50: Calla Lily-White: 5.75: 15.00 Calla Lily-Color

The Crape Myrtle Tree is a southern classic, thriving in the sun and heat that persists for most of the year. The Pink Velour is no exception and thrives in growing zones 7-9. To find Crape Myrtle Trees with more extensive growing zones, read our blog: Today's Crape Myrtles Tuscarora Crape Myrtle. by Crape Myrtle Guy | Jun 27, 2012 | Crape Myrtles - Full Size. The Tuscarora Crape Myrtle is an upright crape myrtle reaching 20 to 30 feet in height. The Tuscarora is valued not only for its full watermelon colored blossoms but for its gray bark and arching growth pattern Crape Myrtles have bark that peels to reveal unique coloring for great winter interest. * Images shown are of mature plants. Natchez Crape Myrtle Tree Lagerstroemia x 'Natchez'. 4.8 star rating 27 Reviews. Size. Regular price. $59.99. Call 877-345-0146 for Availability and Pricing. Sale price The Monterey Oak is a fast-growing, drought tolerant, semi-evergreen which is oak wilt resistant and a perfect fit for the Austin area!!! I have 8 beautiful 30-gallon Monterrey Oaks (Mexican White Oaks) that measure 12-14' for sale for $190 a piece or $245 installed

All plant imagery and information is for information purposes only, intended to represent what you might find at the nursery. All content images are copyrighted by us for exclusive use on this site only. Please contact Palm Island Nursery for questions regarding any plants you see on this site Be the first to review Crape Myrtle Cancel reply. were having our house painted and they went out there way to split the job out so they could pull out all of the hedges near the foundation so the painters could paint. We literally pulled out our entire landscaping. we purchased a 30 gallon east Palatka holly and scheduled. Velma's Royal Delight Crape Myrtle. Lythraceae Lagerstroemia Indica Velmas Royal Delight. Dwarf Crape Myrtle. (2 reviews) Price. $54.97. $38.97. -$16.00 (30% Off!) Availability and Options 10. $49.99. $49.99. Shop Now. Adorn your yard with the Delta Moonlight Crape Myrtle. It's part of the Southern Living Plant Collection. This white crape myrtle produces white blooms against dark burgundy cupped foliage. It works well in the landscape when you plant it as an accent or in a mass planting

New growth is bronze-red. Evg. ALS - 5'T x 4'W. Crape Myrtle. The lilac of the south. Small ornamental tree, beautiful flowers all summer long. Choose form colors of red, rose, pink, purple or white. Dec. ALS - 25'T x 15'W. Crimson Pygmy Barberry. Small growing compact shrub with bronzy blood red foliage Crape Myrtles (Lagerstroemia indica), often referred to as the lilacs of the South, are among the favorites of the South due to their early spring showy flowers, colorful autumn black foliage, and, in many cases, their attractive bark.Let us not forget the other wonderful features they possess, such as crape myrtles being drought tolerant, mildew resistant, fast growing and deer not. Milledgeville, Georgia Backyard Nursery (near Macon) For the best selection of plants in Georgia's Lake County, come see the thousands of container trees and shrubs at T-Bone's Nursery in Milledgeville. Our famous $4.97 sale yard is full of assorted 1-gallon container plants, including azaleas, butterfly bushes, crape myrtles, and many more Black Diamond Best Red Crape Myrtle is a stunning plant with near-black foliage with bright red blooms. It is perfect as a statement piece for petite landscapes or for more mass plantings on larger properties. Vivid crimson blooms add instant drama with just the right amount of class to the garden. USDA zones 6-10; Mature size 96″ W x 144″ Pixies Gardens (1 Gallon Red Crape Myrtle (Aka Dynamite Crepe Myrtle) Showy Glorious Fire-Red Flowers Small Tree with Smooth Peeling Bark. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 31. $23.99. $23. . 99. $15.70 shipping. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days

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Black Diamond Crape Myrtle Best Red will make a unique impact as an accent plant or group 3-5 for a magnificent mass planting or flowering hedge. Growing approximately 10 to 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide, the flowering shrub is a perfect fit for most gardens. It stays nice and compact as a small tree Natchez Crape Myrtles are easy to grow in a full sun site. Morning sun is best, with its wonderful drying power. Give your tree good air circulation and plenty of elbow room to grow into the full height and width. Keep things easy for yourself! In early spring, give your Natchez Crape Myrtle supplemental water as needed

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The magnificent Indian Summer® Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia) make an ideal choice as a flowering tree in the heat of Australia's mid- to late summer. Available in a multitude of flower colours, from white through to red, and in forms ranging from shrubs to trees, they also feature exfoliating bark that gives them ornamental value even during the dormant winter months Where to buy Crape Myrtles. Well, I have gotten them from probably about 4-5 places. 1). The exciting new Magic family ones you can get very inexpensively by mail order from evergreenplantnursery.com. They are small but healthy. I have bought 40-50 from them this summer and planted them in 3-5 gallon pots with dirt from my yard Crape Myrtle Varieties Grouped by Height. Very Dwarf ;1 - 3 feet Mature Height. CULTIVAR. FLOWER COLOR. GROWTH HABIT. APPROX. HEIGHT. MILDEW RESISTANCE Crape Myrtle bushes and trees: Crape Myrtles, dark purple (Catabwa) - 3 gallons for $6 each. Crape Myrtles, lavender, Watermelon Red and unknown colors - 3 gallons for $6-$8 each. 15 gallon Sioux Crape Myrtles with multiple trunks (6-8) $45 each. 30 Gallon Crape Myrtles -$65 Please call

Arborvitae, Green Giant Evergreen Tree maximum 30-50'H - 12-18' W. Cherry, Kwansan/Yoshino/Okame Flowering in Spring. Crape Myrtle, Black Diamond Dwarf - Red/Purple/White Flower - Dark Purple leaves. Crape Myrtle, Dynamite Dark Red Flower maximum 15-20'H - 10-15'W. Crape Myrtle, Muskogee Lavender Flower maximum 25'H - 25'W Includes on Black Diamond Crape Myrtle Crimson Red in a 2.25 gallon pot and a detailed planting guide; Best grown in USDA hardiness zones 6-9, but will perform well in colder zones with proper winter protection; Mature size is 10 ft. to 12 ft. tall and 6 ft. to 8 ft. wid

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Tree Farm & Nursery - 7280 State Road 13 N 32092 * 904-522-1786. About Us. Retail Nursery. Wholesale Plants. Butterflies in NE Florida. Asclepias curassavica. Asclepias incarnata. Asclepias perennis. Asclepias tuberosa Map alabama tree Farm Oak Hill Tree Farm Oak Hill Tree Farm Highest Quality Trees fro. Alabama Growers Phone: (251) 865-2001 Fax: (251) 865-2003 Cell: (251) 751-2006 View Larger Map 7600 Grand Bay Wilmer Road Grand Bay, AL 36541-3469 Oak Hill Tree Farm location More info about

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Maples, Oaks, Cypress. A large variety of beautiful shade, ornamental or privacy tree Arborday.org Tree Nursery. We offer affordable bare root Crapemyrtle (Crape Myrtle) trees and many others bushes, shrubs, and trees shipped at the best time for planting where you live

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SHRUBS - 7 GALLON: HEADER-ROW: Ligustrum-007 gal. 30 30 Dec-21: Podocarpus-007 gal. 34 Oct-21: Viburnum Odoratissimum: 007 gal. 24 - 30 20 Ready: Viburnum Suspensum-007 gal. 30 24 Dec-21: Wax Myrtle: 007 gal. 20 - 30 Read Container grown trees allow instant impact to your tree projects for corporate landscapes, roadways and large tree projects. Containers ship on trucks directly to landscape job sites so your landscape contractors can get right to work. We have a large selection of container trees as well as a large inventory in the popular tree styles 2) Crape Myrtles are either single trunk or multi-trunked and it can take a long time to turn a multi trunk into a single trunk, so purchase single trunk to begin with if that is what you need. 3) Plant the hybrids with the large leaves to avoid powdery mildew in the spring and fall. 4) Crape Myrtles need at least 6 hours of DIRECT SUN for good. 30 Gallon 8' - 10' 4' - 5'. 45 Gallon 10' - 12' 5'. 65 Gallon 12' - 14' 6+'. Please call us at (979) 836-7225 for pricing and availability. Click here to email us with any questions Queen Crape Myrtle. 25 Gallon. 65 Gallon. Available Sizes: Coming Soon. Grower Notes: More information is coming soon. Hardiness zones: 10B-11. Call Today: 239-304-5990

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Elmgren's Garden Center • 30 Cherokee Street • Richmond Hill, GA 31324 • (912) 756-6726 Elmgren's carries proper liability and workman's compensation insurance. Website by JOY Marketing LL What makes crape myrtles so irresistible are the spectacular late spring, summer and fall flowers. The super frilly, crepe-like individual flowers of white, pink, lavender or deep red — and even some bi-colors — are arranged at the ends of twigs in either small loose clusters or tight, heavy football-size panicles, and appear all season on new growth Dark Red Crape Myrtle For Sale. Dark Red Crape Myrtle will heat up your gardens and landscape settings. Growing in the 20 to 25 foot height range, our Dark Red Crape Myrtle is a show plant with hot red flowers that begin in early to mid summer and continue on until frost. At which time, the foliage begins to fade from dark green to orange-red shades

3 Gal. Tuscarora Dark Pink Crape Myrtle Tree-CRMTUS03G ..

Muskogee Crape Myrtle is a large crape tree reaching heights of up to 30 feet. Blooms are very long lasting, all summer to fall. Muskogee Crape Myrtles have a bright purple bloom. Crape Myrtles have bark that peels to reveal unique coloring for great winter interest. The best performing crape myrtle for fall color is the Muskogee Wholesale Trees | Kerens, Texas. Rockin L Tree Farm supplies wholesale trees to customers throughout Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Tyler and the surrounding areas of Texas. As the premier tree farm in the region, we have worked with countless clients and helped them create beautiful, sustainable landscapes

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Topiary (5 G) Juniper Pom Pom Temp Out 30 Gallon Price Viburnum (Odoratissimum) (16) $ 7.50 Bottlebrush (Red Cluster-Std.) $ 145.00 Viburnum (Suspensum) $ 7.50 Crape Myrtle (Multi Trunk) $ 115.00 Viburnum (Dwarf Walters) Temp Out Crape Myrtle (Single Trunk-Tuscarora) $ 145.0 U.S. Trees of Texas is a large wholesale tree farm, growing consistent high quality trees since 1981. We specialize in shade and ornamental trees ranging from 15 gallon to 200 gallon in size. We sell trees for both the wholesale and retail markets. The prices listed on the availability page are retail prices. Qualified wholesalers [ Arapaho is a Fauriei Hybrid crape myrtle that offers year-round interest with its glossy, dark green leaves, beautiful exfoliating bark, and panicles of near true red flowers. The large clusters of dark, watermelon-red flowers begin to appear in late spring and continue throughout summer, sometimes even into fall providing a spectacular show in. Meet the Black Diamond Crimson Red Crape Myrtle. Now that is a plant that will stand out in your neighborhood! This compact tree matures around 10-12 feet tall and about 6-8 feet wide. Black Diamond Crapes are perfect for small areas and urban yards with minimal space. Crimson Red Black Diamond Crape Myrtles tend toward a rounded, lush, bushy. CRAPE MYRTLES: FOUR SEASONS OF BEAUTY CRAPE MYRTLES: FOUR SEASONS OF BEAUTY I have often thought that if heaven had given me choice of my position and calling, it should have been on a rich spot of earth, well watered, and near a good market for the productions of the garden. No occupa-tion is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth.

Our multi-trunk Tuscarora Crape Myrtle in 30 gallon containers produce long lasting clusters. of Dark Pink Flowers that grow 8 to 16 long. Tall vigorous growth habit, glossy green. leaves in the summer that turn red orange in the Fall. Tuscarora Crape's also have exfoliating bark and are drought tolerant Products. Charles Breedlove Nursery is proud to carry a wide selection of wholesale plants, making it your one stop wholesaler. Below is a list of high quality wholesale plants we keep in-stock . These plants are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 18 count flats to 30 gallon pots This is a wonderful crepe myrtle, that blooms light lavender. It does not have the dramatic, bright blooms of the newer reds, pinks and purple, BUT it has the longest bloom period - 120 days! We bought these on clearance at the end of summer at HD two years ago,2 each, planted 3 to a 10 gal pot Crapemyrtle (Crape Myrtle) Starting at Member Price $5.99 Regular Price $7.99 . North Privet. Which Tree is Right for Me? Potted trees are available in 4″ or 1-gallon containers. Because the roots are packed in soil, the trees don't need to be dormant for shipping..

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