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Hello. I will try to help you understanding some stuff about skin moles. You see, there are all kinds of skin moles and they normally can look like a cauliflower. You can find a lot of pictures on several on-line skin atlases. I'm not worried about this. But, I'm worried about the fact that your mole has been growing The 39-year-old man, from West Virginia, went to a hospital after the police officer had picked up on the large growth in his groin. There, a doctor's exam revealed he had a 'large cauliflower.

Seborrheic keratosis is a noncancerous skin growth that has the following typical characteristics: Rests flat against the skin or is raised. Starts off as a small, round bump that then thickens and develops a waxy or wart-like appearance (although in some cases, the surface is smooth) Usually brown but may also be white, black, yellow, or grey Genital warts are white or flesh-coloured, smooth, small bumps that can appear anywhere in the general area of the genitals. They can also grow larger and appear as fleshy, cauliflower-like lumps on the genitals. Neither of which are more dangerous than the other, it is merely a characteristic and the stage that the illness was noticed Cauliflower warts can appear in any individual, but it is usually seen in children and young adults. Treatment And Home Remedies For Cauliflower Warts. Although cauliflower warts are benign skin growth, they sometimes are painful or bleed especially when they are located in areas where the skin is prone to friction Picture of Seborrheic Keratosis. Seborrheic keratoses are bumpy, waxy-appearing skin growths that are typically brownish in color but may range from tan to blackish. These benign growths often have a wart -like appearance. Seborrheic keratoses most commonly appear in middle age or later. The growths occur mostly on the back, neck, chest, face.

Common warts, also referred to as cauliflower warts, are a very regular occurrence and are present because of the Human Papilloma Virus in the body. These small, rough patches of skin usually show up on hands, on feet and sometimes on the genitals Seborrheic keratoses may be mistaken for warts, moles, skin tags, or skin cancer. Read more about the causes, treatments, and symptoms of seborrheic keratoses . Slideshow: Skin Pictures Slideshow. Example pictures of skin tags. Skin tags or acrochordons are soft skin growths where a narrow papule sticks out of the skin from a short piece of flesh like a tag. Common characteristics: · They are fleshy · They often occur on the eyelids, neck, groin or armpit · They can become irritated if twisted or rubbed a lo Cauliflower Type Growths (Warts) A wart is a small, skin growth often resembling a cauliflower or blister. It typically occurs on the hands or feet, but can develop in other locations. Warts are caused by a viral infection, specifically one of the many types of human papillomavirus (HPV)

A keratoacanthoma is a benign skin growth that appears most often in elderly people who have fair skin. The growth resembles a squamous cell skin cancer, but it grows more rapidly than a squamous cell cancer.Keratoacanthomas grow rapidly, enlarging by up to 1 to 3 centimeters within a few weeks The virus triggers extra cell growth, which makes the outer layer of skin thick and hard in that spot. skin-colored bumps or like a cluster of bumps similar to a little bit of cauliflower on.

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Round, flesh-colored growths that have a crater that contains a pasty material. These growths tend to appear on the face, forearm, or back of the hand. They usually disappear after a couple of months, but may leave scars. Many feel they are a form of squamous cell carcinoma. Treatment usually includes a skin biopsy to rule out skin cancer Picture of Seborrheic Keratoses. Seborrheic keratosis (SK) are the most common benign cutaneous tumors, and in adults SK are warty, keratotic skin growth that first present after the fourth decade. The measure from a few millimeters to centimeters The color ranges from pink to tan to dark brown. Lesions can be solitary or multiple Warts are a type of non-cancerous skin growth. Although usually harmless, warts can cause pain and embarrassment. A 2019 article indicates that warts can occur on numerous parts of the body cauliflower skin growth pictures

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We present the case of an 80-year-old patient with a recurrent hyperpigmented and cauliflower-like skin tumor on the stump of his left index finger. Despite suggestive clinical appearance for chromoblastomycosis the tumor was initially clinically and also histopathologically misdiagnosed as recurrent squamous cell carcinoma. Due to a cardiogenic shock, the patient died shortly after the. 6 years ago • 13 Replies. For as long as I can remember, I had a growth on top of my scalp which is about the size of an M&M and is bumpy. Looks very much like a cauliflower. Then about 15 yrs ago I had a tiny tiny bump on the back of my head and it developed into another one but larger. And another one right next to it followed suit Skin Growths and Pigment Disorders. Dark specks in cauliflower mole . By Guest | 1 post, last post over a year ago. Dhruv Gupta, MD answered this When Should You Consider Mole Removal? Read more. New Reply Follow New Topic. Guest over a year ago. Hi, I have a raised mole on my tummy, recently I noticed that there are dark specks inside of it..

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  1. The cutaneous papilloma is a benign skin tumor that is of non-viral origin and is common in the older dog. These tumors are whitish-gray, cauliflower-shaped masses and are typically found on the head, eyelids, and feet. The virus that causes oral papillomas is contagious to other dogs
  2. Seborrheic keratosis is a common, harmless, pigmented, noncancerous growth on the skin. It can be the result of sunlight, genetics, or age and will not usual need to be treated. Some people may.
  3. Dermatofibroma is a condition wherein benign growths develop on the skin tissue. These growths are tender to the touch and appear singularly or in groups and linger for long periods of time. The fibrous skin growths sometimes occur right where an insect bite is found. They commonly appear on the arms and legs. Sponsored link. Dermatofibroma is.
  4. Ulcerating cancers are sometimes called fungating cancers (tumours) or wounds. Fungating describes what the cancer might look like. They can grow in the shape of a fungus or cauliflower. These wounds start when a tumour growing under the skin breaks through the skin's surface. They can also develop from skin cancers such as melanoma
  5. A seborrheic keratosis is a growth on the skin. The growth is not cancer (benign). It's color can range from white, tan, brown, or black. Seborrheic keratoses often appear on a person's chest, arms, back, or other areas. They're very common in people older than age 50, but younger adults can get them as well
  6. Cauliflower, Brassica oleracea var. botrytis, is a cruciferous vegetable that requires consistently cool temperatures, even moisture, good airflow between plants, and nutrient-rich soil to produce firm, compact heads. Have you read our guide to growing cauliflower?. To recap, when growing this crop, you can gain the upper hand from the start by selecting disease-resistant varieties for.
  7. The photos in the section of solid tumor of unknown origin look very different from the cauliflower growths that have a viral etiology. The cauliflowers really do look like small cauliflowers. If there's a realistic question about what you're looking at, switching Jonah to a small carrying tank and bringing him to a reputable aquarium shop.

Genital Warts: The Cauliflower-Like Lumps on the Genitals

PAPILLOMA OF LEFT TONSIL. Squamous papillomas are commonly seen hanging from a pedicle on the uvula, pillars or tonsils. The papilloma in this picture is a fleshy sessile and granular mass arising from the posterior surface of the anterior pillar. See more pictures of papilloma of the tonsil. See also papilloma of the larynx. POLYP OF LEFT TONSIL A cutaneous horn looks like a growth on the outside of the skin. This is the most common symptom. It can appear as a large bump, cone, spike, or horn Thickening of the skin of the vulva; Itching; Pain or burning; Bleeding or discharge not related to the normal menstrual period; An open sore (especially if it lasts for a month or more) Verrucous carcinoma, a subtype of invasive squamous cell vulvar cancer, looks like cauliflower-like growths similar to genital warts

Cysts: dog skin cysts are pea-sized skin-covered sacs filled with a thick liquid. Warts: Warts are caused by a viral infection and are hard and have a rough-surface. Lipomas: A lipoma is a collection of soft fatty tissue that forms just under the skin surface. These growths are usually the size of a quarter These growths are often referred to as moles. Although seborrheic keratosis typically isn't cause for concern, its look-alike — melanoma — is. Melanoma is a potentially deadly type of skin. Squamous cell carcinoma (or cancer) is the second most common type of skin cancer (second to basal cell carcinoma). Squamous cell cancers typically appear on sun-exposed surfaces such as the scalp, face, ears, hands, and arms. Squamous cell cancer can present in a number of different ways including as a firm raised lump, a thick scab that. A seborrheic keratosis is usually a round or oval shaped, wart-like growth that looks like a separate object that has been stuck down on the skin's surface. These growths are normally flesh-coloured, white, tan, yellow, brown or black in colour (hyperpigmented), occurring more commonly on the scalp, back, shoulders, abdomen or chest Histioplasmosis: Skin fungal infection that can cause skin lesions. Other possible symptoms include respiratory distress and problem with the digestive system. Hives (urticaria): Hives are often a reaction to something in your dog's environment. Allergic reactions to bug bites or a medication can cause the skin to swell from 1/2 inch to 2 inches

Seborrheic keratoses are benign (noncancerous) skin growths that develop from skin cells called keratinocytes. These growths have a waxy or greasy look and can be tan, brown or black. They look like they have been glued or stuck onto the skin. Over time, the growths become rough and crusty looking Don't keep the ice directly over the skin as this it can cause skin damage. Use a cloth or towel. Pain relievers like NSAIDs can be used. [9] As Cauliflower ear is a permanent deformity, Surgery is the only choice to restore the normal shape of ear. The surgery involves removal of the dead cartilage and suturing the skin to original shape

Treatment For Cauliflower Warts: What Are Its Causes

Recognizing Neoplastic Skin Lesions: A Photo Guide. LEWIS C. ROSE, M.B., B.S. (LOND), University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas. Am Fam Physician. 1998 Sep 15;58 (4):873-884. Dr. Mark Trolice answered. 31 years experience Fertility Medicine. Rec evaluation: A brown velvety color change in the folds of the skin is called acanthosis nigricans and is associated with pre-diabetes and rarely cancer

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These cauliflower like patches can be due to warts or some benign growths of skin. I suggest you to get it evaluated and biopsied from your dermatologist as they have been appearing for many years. Only a biopsy skin can confirm the diagnosis. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the. An eyelid cyst, also called a meibomian cyst or chalazion, is a type of growth on the eyelid. These growths can occur on the upper or lower eyelids. There are several causes for these growths, including an eyelid stye, keratosis, skin tags and blockages of glands. Eyelid styes cause an eyelid cyst when oil glands in the lids become infected Editor Suggestions Cat Skin Wart Hi Stacy, I'm afraid that I can't tell exactly what the mass on your cat's skin is just by looking at your pictures. Your cauliflower description does make me think cat skin wart or a similar type of growth, but if it is bothering your cat, it should probably be removed no matter what it is The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action

It is usually red, brown or yellowish, and falls off the skin in few days or weeks in one or several pieces. Wart (Verruca) A wart (Lat. verruca) is a cauliflower-like or solid growth from the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). It is caused by virus, and they typically disappear after few months (or sometimes years) without consequences Sometimes, the result is a cancerous growth. Other times, the changes result in the common dog wart, or sebaceous adenoma. Sebaceous adenomas are benign tumors of the oil gland (sebaceous) cells of the skin. The result is a cauliflower-like eruption that is unsightly, but not dangerous Skin cancer is the out-of-control growth of abnormal cells in the epidermis, the outermost skin layer, caused by unrepaired DNA damage that triggers mutations. These mutations lead the skin cells to multiply rapidly and form malignant tumors. The main types of skin cancer are basal cell carcinoma (BCC), squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), melanoma. The main symptom of the genital wart virus are the small, skin-coloured growths that appear on or around your genital area. The growths can clump together and form a cauliflower-like shape. Other symptoms associated with genital warts include: Itching or inflammation. Bleeding if the warts become inflamed, irritated or scratched Papillomas: These wart-like masses look like small cauliflower-type growths on the surface of the skin. Some dogs are predisposed to them. They're typically pinkish, gray, or black. They do not need to be removed but some owners want them gone anyway, for cosmetic reasons. Lipomas: These are the most common skin tumors of dogs. They feel like.

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  1. Newly updated 2021 guide to canine skin diseases and conditions. Hundreds of pictures, reader Q&A, & advice for dog skin problems and issues such as rash, cancer, allergies & infection. Free video and brochures
  2. Skin Growths. A skin growth is a benign (non-cancerous) lump of tissue that projects out from the surrounding skin. Below are some of the more common skin growths on dogs: Abscesses: These are lumps that form as a result of an infection from a bite, wound or foreign object. They are often painful and can contain large amounts of blood and pus.
  3. ent pores and a fibrous thickening of the nose, sometimes with papules. It is associated with the common skin condition rosacea and it can be classified clinically into 5 grades of increasing severity.. Complications. Tissue thickening may come to cause airway obstruction and impede breathing
  4. Melanoma is a serious skin cancer which arises from pigment cells called as melanocytes. An invasive form of melanoma is called nodular melanoma. Nodular melanoma is a serious skin cancer that got its name from the word nodule, a doctor's term for a lump as nodular melanoma lesions are shaped like a lump. Nodular melanoma lesions tend to appear on the head or neck
  5. This type of tumor is a benign growth that comes from cells found in blood vessels (also known as endothelial cells) within the skin or subcutaneous tissues. Skin hemangiomas are typically smaller than subcutaneous hemangiomas, and they also appear with a reddish-black tint and as a dome
  6. ation under a microscope). The growth is usually removed surgically
  7. Causes. Diagnosis. Treatment. Prognosis. Skin tags, also called acrochordons, are noncancerous skin growths that typically develop in skin folds, like the genitals, groin, neck, eyelids, and armpits. They are made of loose collagen fibers—which are a protein in the skin—and sometimes contain blood vessels. Skin tags are common, appearing in.

Lumps, Bumps, cysts, tags and odd skin growths in Dogs. One form of the virus cause oral papillomas, which are usually white growths on the lips or oral tissues with a cauliflower look to them. These occur most often in puppies but can occur in immunsuppressed older dogs, such as patients on long term corticosteroid therapy or undergoing. Use these pictures of descriptions of cat skin problems to identify or eliminate possible feline skin diseases. Macule: A macule is a area of the skin where there is a change in color. Common causes are some type of inflammation or injury. Papule: A papule is a type of lesion that is elevated Viral warts are a specific condition and that a growth on the dog?s skin may or may not represent a viral wart. Viral warts in dogs tend to possess frond-like structures creating more of a sea anemone or cauliflower-like appearance, though they can be smooth as well. Because growths can appear harmless but behave malignantly, removal and biopsy are often recommended These growths are often amenable to removal with a local anesthetic. They should be removed when: -when the growth has been bleeding -when the growth is itchy or is in a location where it is bothering the pet. -when the growth is in a location where it interferes with normal grooming Hope this helps Skin growths are a benign condition that consists of a lump of tissue projecting out from surrounding skin. The most common skin growths are: Moles: Moles are small skin marks caused by pigment producing cells in the skin.They can be flat or raised, smooth or rough, and some contain hair

The skin is usually pink or tinged yellow, raised and bumpy, and hairless. Eosinophilic plagues typically affect the skin of the abdomen, inner thigh, throat, or around the anus. The areas are raised, pink or red, and appear raw.. Indolent ulcers (also called rodent ulcers) affect a cat's upper lip and sometimes the tongue Squamous Cell Carcinoma or Epidermoid Carcinoma: This tumor looks like a cauliflower growth or gray wound which has trouble healing, and is usually located around the mouth, groin, or other orafices, such as the upper and lower lips, nose, and ear tips. There has been some presumed correlation between this cancer and second hand smoke, but no. If you notice a skin growth of some kind on your dog, you can identify if it is a wart from how it looks. They are rounded, cauliflower-like growths. Although warts can grow in any area of the body, there are some areas that will develop warts more commonly than others. These include around the mouth and between the toes Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs. Mast cell tumors may occur as skin bumps or internal tumors. These masses may release histamine when disturbed, which can have a negative effect on your dog's body. 1  If your vet suspects a mast cell tumor, your dog may be treated first with diphenhydramine to minimize the histamine release Below is a list of some benign skin masses that are common in dogs. 1. Lipoma - Lipomas are benign tumors composed of fat, and they are usually found under the skin of middle-aged to older dogs. They tend to grow slowly and don't cause a problem for most dogs. Occasionally surgical removal is recommended if the lipoma is large and in a.

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They can then grow to have cauliflower-look as they get bigger, sometimes with multiple warts clustered together. Color-wise, they could blend in with the color of your skin or they may be yellow, pink, light brown, tan or peach-colored. Diagnosing Anogenital Wart Keratoacanthoma growths are found to be benign and do not cause any cancerous complications. But even though these growths are non-cancerous themselves, these are often confused with lesions appearing due to an underlying squamous cell carcinoma. Squamous Cell Carcinoma is a cancerous skin condition that highly resembles Keratoacanthoma lesions This increases the risk of ear infection. The tearing away of the ear skin from the cartilage can also cause the same damage as a hard blow. In both cases, damage to the ear can obstruct blood flow to the cartilage resulting in its death. Piercing the cartilage can also be one of the causes of Cauliflower Ear Cauliflower like growth in the mouth is commonly due to papilloma. It's a benign neoplastic growth which is usually not fatal. Papilloma definition- Papilloma is a common benign neoplasm arising from epithelial tissue of oral cavity and is characterized by an exophytic growth of the stratified squamous epithelium. These lesions constitute about 2% of all oral neoplasms and it is believed by.

After a few weeks in the development stage, the size grows comparable to a pea and its appearance becomes a bit rougher and more cauliflower-like. Irregular bumps are found around the wart which affects the growth of the nails, causing it to elevate and separate itself from the nail bed. Periungual warts can eventually expand in different clusters A wart is an infectious growth on the skin caused by the human papilloma virus, which leads to the unchecked proliferation of cells in the top layer of skin, the epidermis. Warts are usually rough. Malignant melanoma is a less widespread form of skin cancer that usually appears as a dark brown or black mole-like growth. Features that set it apart from a normal mole are its varying colors and jagged borders. The most frequent spots for melanoma in men are the chest and abdomen. In women it most often develops on the lower legs Definition. Benign gastric tumors are non-cancerous abnormal tissue growths that occur in the stomach. There are different types of benign stomach tumors, some of which arise from the inner stomach lining (mucosal) or others arising from the deeper stomach wall tissues and structures The skin moves freely over this, and patients may have noticed curvature of the erect penis. In some cultures there is a practice of inserting steel, plastic or glass beads under the penile skin. A small lump near the hair bearing skin of the proximal penis may represent a healed furuncle

This may include the abdomen, scrotum or the nose. There are many which adopt the cauliflower appearance of warts on dogs. It is normal for the dog to lick this protrusion, often excessively. This doesn't mean a dog will only lick cancerous growths as many may irritate their skin and cause them to lick the area There are five main types of warts: 1. Common warts (aka vurruca vulgaris) Common warts are — shocker — common, and usually found on the hands, elbows or knees, Marie Jhin, a board-certified. colored, pedunculated skin lesion on the right lower abdominal wall that was 3 × 3 × 4 cm in size, soft, mobile, and non-tender (Figures 1 and 2). It was not reduc-ible. There was no surrounding. The longer a cauliflower sits in storage — such as a refrigerated grocery store shelf — the more likely it is to have a few spots or more. These types of spots are harmless, but they can sometimes affect the marketability of the product. Rest assured, you're not the only one who has had second thoughts about a cauliflower purchase due to.

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The surface of the growth can be smooth and waxy looking containing tiny bumps or rough and resembling the typical cauliflower appearance of skin warts (bumpy and grainy). They are described as growths that are simply stuck on the skin or in other words, they are not attached deep into the skin Lesions that have a predominantly proliferative growth pattern may develop into a nodular 'fungus' or 'cauliflower' shaped lesion, whereas a lesion that is ulcerating will produce a wound with a crater-like appearance , . Sometimes a lesion presents with a mixed appearance of both proliferating and ulcerating areas , Skin Cancer on Scalp Pictures - 20 Photos & Images. Skin cancer — the abnormal growth of skin cells — most often develops on skin exposed to the sun. But this common form of cancer can also occur on areas of your skin not ordinarily exposed to sunlight. There are three major types of skin cancer — basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell.

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Nearly all skin cancers can be treated effectively if they are found early, so knowing what to look for is important. There are many types of skin cancer, each of which can look different on the skin. This picture gallery contains some examples of the more common types of skin cancer, as well as some other non-cancerous types of skin growths Non-cancerous tumours of the skin. A non-cancerous (benign) tumour of the skin is a growth or abnormal area on the skin that does not spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body. Non-cancerous tumours are not usually life-threatening. They usually don't need any treatment but may be removed with surgery in some cases

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Dog Warts vs. Papillomas. A dog wart is considered the singular form of papillomas, occurring as a lone bump in an isolated area of the body. Papillomas are benign (non-cancerous) canine tumors that commonly occur in clumps and resemble the scales of a fish. Papillomas can often be found on young puppies and tend to take on a unique appearance mirroring tufts of cauliflower Symptoms of Non-Cancerous Growths in Dogs. Generally found by unusual lumps or bumps on your dog's skin or in the underlying tissue Benign tumors do not generally affect your pet unless they are large or are growing in an area that affects everyday actions of the animal, for instance on a paw, or in between the legs and it affects the walking movemen A very common cause of growths on the penis are genital warts. These are fleshy, flat, at times 'cauliflower' like growths that are painless. The are caused by the human papilloma virus, which is sexually transmitted. These warts can be frozen or otherwise removed if necessary by a physician. Another common cause are skin tags Despite the scary-sounding name, papillomas are simply warty growths that often appear as a dog ages. Dr. Susan Becker says, These warts have certain characteristics, for example, they tend to look like tiny lumps of cauliflower. They're usually flesh-colored, but they can also be pink, black or grey.. Becker recommends you consider. Papilloma virus (warts) Dog warts are probably the most common cause of a bump on the lips of your dog. Warts are essentially benign (non-cancerous) skin tumors caused by canine papilloma virus-1 (CPV-1). These tumors have a classic fimbriated appearance, which means they are round, but have a rough surface similar to a sea anemone or a cauliflower

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It is minimally invasive and can be done the same day as your initial exam for the growth. If the growth is located in an area that would make aspirating or biopsying difficult and there is a high suspicion for a histiocytoma, your vet may opt to wait on performing any diagnostics and watch the lump instead to see if they resolve on their own The warts are located on fully keratinised skin as opposed to the genital or anal mucosa. There is a clinical resemblance to common warts. The child is very young, perhaps up to two years old - in such cases the warts may have been transmitted at birth from the mothers genital tract

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The pictures show the progression and treatment of a type of skin cancer known as keratoacanthoma, including the growth in question pre-op and the bloody hole created post-op 2. Skin Tag. Skin tags are fairly common to see on a dog's body, including their private areas. These fibrous growths usually occur on the skin of older dogs of any breed or gender, but large. Vets can determine if a lump on your dog's skin is the result of mast cell growth through a needle aspiration of the lump. Detection:Easily noticeable wart-like growths that are soft to touch. There is usually one single growth in one area instead of a cluster of bumps. Only 11 to 15 percent dogs have more than one MCT growths. 4. Histiocytom Cancerous and Noncancerous Mouth Growths Average Cost. From 17 quotes ranging from $4,000 - $15,00 Lipoma or Fatty Growth. What they are: the classic lump under the skin of older dogs. It's actually a benign tumour of fat cells, and should grow so slowly it takes 6 months to see any change. Most often found on the chest or abdomen. How we tell: a fine needle aspiration (FNA) gives a clear answer

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Cancerous moles may develop on the surface of the skin. Skin cancer is more common in senior dogs and dogs that have light colored coats. The moles may occur due to an uncontrollable development of cells. Not all moles are cancerous, but your dog should be checked by a specialist if he has any moles or abnormal skin growths The symptoms of skin cancer vary depending on the cancer, but in general, the best thing you can do to catch skin cancer early is to keep an eye on any strange lumps or bumps on your dog's body. Click on Pictures to Enlarge. The picture on the right shows a large white lesion which mimics a T2 squamous cell carcinoma on the upper gingival buccal sulcus and hard palate. The leukoplakia extends anteriorly in the gingival buccal sulcus. The patient was a 75 year old male with a 90 pack year history of smoking

Cauliflower Ear - Pictures, Causes, Treatment, SurgeryViral Papillomas of Dogs - Veterinary Partner - VINWhat Are Old Dog Warts and What Should You Do With Themveterinary medicine, surgery, singapore, toa payoh vetsgenital warts: the how, where, brand names & cost of

HPV infection is a viral infection that commonly causes skin or mucous membrane growths (warts). There are more than 100 varieties of human papillomavirus (HPV). Some types of HPV infection cause warts, and some can cause different types of cancer. Most HPV infections don't lead to cancer If left untreated the fluid will calcify forming a cauliflower ear. Click on Pictures to Enlarge Basal Cell Carcinoma of the Auricle: This is a common skin cancer. Treatment with local resection is usually curative. Click on Pictures to Enlarge Ear Fungus: The ear is a warm, wet, dark place. Fungus can readily grow here However, they usually look more like rough pieces of cauliflower. The growths on Dante look smoother than this. If this were my case I would likely advise doing a biopsy of one of these to determine what they are. They are extremely unlikely to be cancerous but it is always a good idea to check every unusual skin growth. I hope that helps! Dr.

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